CHOICE by Sarah Wyman

Capitulation East or victory West

my uterus may come to rest

splayed and flattened on a surface

smooth as a petri dish

where dreams of conception

slide into an oblivion of laws

on my body or yours, under the gun

for resisting the artificial implantation

of a monster’s rotting seed.


Unceded love and unwanted touch,

shock over the mechanical outcome

of a date rape upstairs

while parents stay glued to a glassy screen.

In the park, humping ducks teach teens

or slip their perfect families across a still lake

each identical iteration a long comma

feathered and reflected necks like a Sasquatch

arms upraised in threat or surrender.

So, the fallopian tubes flung high

seem to beak into politicians’ pockets,

and demand a sudden halt

to payouts hurled like scattered breadcrumbs

for mothers unable to resist the men they loathe

or feed the kids they have.

Sarah Wyman, 55 lives in Rosendale NY. She/they explores verbal/visual intersections, reads & discusses with others and gets paid for it.