JUST A THOUGHT by Kevin James

the thought that thinks itself

reductionist nightmare

beyond looking glasses

& semiotic classes

curator of worlds & stars

sunny days, moonlit nights

orbital phase changes

univocal Master of the Uni-verse


momentary vision

on a mission

come hither or not

it’s all the same

shimmering membranes

of space-time portals

passive footnote to shoals

of phosphorescent corals

artifactual realms

coding variant energies

into virtual synergies


overflowing abundance

seeking its own substance

correlation without causality

lacking lineage & parentage

gifting a given without giving

default for the vaulted Real

my own, my own

surreal epiphenomenon

no matter how beloved

short lived or acquired

my own

Kevin James, age 67, resides in Brooklyn, NY, USA. He is a retired New York City firefighter, arson investigator, and attorney who was one of several Muslim Americans profiled in the PBS documentary Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet. He’s also a former Revson Fellow where he participated in Columbia University’s 9/11 Oral History Project and later graduated from Columbia Law School.