Replacement Theory

The life of this world is but comfort of illusion. Quran 3:185 (Pickthall)

All things perish before the face of the Real

this moment has already passed

so bear in mind

the endless time

when you’ll be a forgotten past


Nazis replaced Jews during the Holocaust

the Irgun replaced Palestinians at gunpoint

victors relentlessly rewrite history

in an abject denial of human misery


Jungle fever on slave plantations

replaced black bodies with beige gradations

Vietnamese were replaced by Amerasians

from loins both willing and forced


White hunters replaced buffalo herds with famines

whilst first Americans were herded onto reservations

when sloganeering became exceptionally sanctified

Manifest Destiny replaced inglorious genocide


Ideology replaces evidence-backed facts

sacred sites are subject to defamatory attacks

Bear Lodge was replaced by Devils Tower

authorized and enforced by Federal power


Turks death-marched Kurds overseas

Andrew Jackson replaced Cherokees

if we’re ever to sit at the banquet of unity

we’ll all need to wash our hands


Replacement isn’t some theory

change is an evolutionary fact of life

dinosaurs were replaced by mammals

Homo Sapiens replaced Neanderthals

but as the Second Amendment

replaces the Sixth Commandment

and we continue down this abysmal spiral

with guns, hatred, and bloodshed going viral

we’ll soon achieve a most ironic distinction

as the first species to replace itself with ants.

Kevin James, age 67, resides in Brooklyn, NY, USA. He is a retired New York City firefighter, arson investigator, and attorney who was one of several Muslim Americans profiled in the PBS documentary Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet. He’s also a former Revson Fellow where he participated in Columbia University’s 9/11 Oral History Project and later graduated from Columbia Law School.

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