Elegy for a Dear Friend by Paul Lubenkov

for Leon Stokesbury
I was searching for a box
To package a lovely jar
Of Herbes de Provence to send you,
An early Christmas present,
When I heard the dreadful news.
You went to bed that night
Of November 13, and your heart
Just stopped. When I heard the news
That my dear friend had passed, I remembered
You once had told me with sadness
A visit to the pyramids of Egypt
Was your dream. But you never went.
I had wanted to see you in Atlanta
To relive the good times gone by,
But I never went. Now I miss
The spirit of your friendship, your wit,
Your culinary insight. And I hold
This jar of Herbes de Provence
Gently in my hands,
The gift I never sent.
Herbes de Provence, a gift
I hoped you might treasure,
Now a keepsake to remember you by
As I conjure a sublime feast
Of rare sensory delights
I believe you would thoroughly savor,
With essence of Herbes de Provence.
You once told me, “We never die.
“We only change shape.” And I wondered
What in this world that meant.
Now the essence of Herbes de Provence
Remains to remind me of you.
In the spirit of Herbes de Provence,
I bid you adieu, dear friend,
And remember your spirit, your essence,
Wherever I may find it,
In whatever shape you may take.
Paul Lubenkov Author

After a lengthy career as an executive with Eastman Kodak and Fuji Photo Film, Paul Lubenkov of La Grange IL has returned full circle to his first post graduate job: Instructor at Morton College.

His poems have recently been published and accepted for publication in The Sierra Nevada Review, The Stillwater Review, The Outrider Review, River Poets Journal, The Tule Review, Burningword Literary Journal, The Coe Review, Smeuse, Contemporary American Voices, Where the Mind Dwells: Contemplation, Soundings East, Best Poets of 2016, Panoplyzine, Falling Star Magazine, Snapdragon, and Fresh Ink.

His manuscript TAP DANCING ON THE RAZOR’S EDGE a collection of poems has been accepted for publication and was released in 2018.

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