[24001 – 25000]

Cycling the rutted Yangtze, Saint-Pierre

of the tinfoil sauerkraut is flung against

a low-pitched abutment, carapace un-

damaged. This confrontation of breastbone

& misbehavior bewilders our half-

pint, doddering, polytheistic old-

timer, this maverick bottling co-

existence with anticlimax—

sentencing watercress to newfangled

semicolon. Hah! To trope on cinnabar

is to dislocate a bonanza of

spermatozoa & incertitude, where

to inhere is to impinge, where to bash

is to electrify.

[25501 – 25600]

A lopsided perimeter of gnomon

& dimorphic monoliths. Dmitry

midair. Roly-poly on his go-cart.

Splicing together the on-going cheep-

cheep of well-muscled loose-leaf glucoside

chromosome by chromosome, eschewing

lobbyist & gaucho alike. Yonder

jaunts the muezzin, that thug, macerated

with plasma, assessing the well-off—who’re

no more well-off than he. Do these connote

the gerund mauling banality of scrabble?  

An appurtenance to overshoot?  Perhaps

an acronym to untangle?

[10801 – 10900]

for Irving

The supple & subtle vicissitudes

of metaphor, as dispensed so bluntly

by Dunbar’s cherry & Joyce’s peach, here

& there afoot like a sonorous

drunkard: they’ll conjure penitence out of

the penniless diction of mercenary

noblemen for their oblong usages;

they’ll sprinkle a presumptuous loathing

surpassing the tyrannical nucleus

of consummation; they’ll stumble along

the highways, past flattened Munich, past the

upturned shipwreck of enlightenment, to

exhaust the workings of the translator &

evade him with pitiable finery.

[21301 – 21400]

An octopus of giggles, an idyll

of gel, webbed & compliant (as inside

a macintosh), as gestation nears,

Eva shucks her metamorphic questing

at the jamb to eyewitness snow-capped

Napoli outdid by a parallax

of deforestation. “Salaam, Bournemouth!  

Salaam, Wallachia! I lampoon you,

here at the trapdoor of yet another

cathartic arabesque—you who brandish

egotistic contravention, the togs

that permeate & ping, that blab & blab—

for how you unearth lethal laager &

pimp seminal flotsam spirally in

immanent tweeds.”  

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