beyond and across

almond hair. failure from all angles. this is a holy sport. beyond/across clutching. we are a prefix and my love doesn’t always reach me. i like the way we walk. a mouthpiece. i am still writing about being trans. a broken two-option box like 1634 “canada”. boy? is boy what you want? no, hair? is hair what you want? can hair just be a rope for dead dykes? trans as an omen to milky teens. who is lady here, though? am i lady? bad lady, bad at being lady, have a good night ladies, LADIES, hey ladies, hey there ladies, how’s it going ladies, you good ladies, how can i help you ladies, how we doing tonight ladies. but Ryan, where are the ladies? beyond/across The Pussy. non binary but i want to dance all together not just with the walking thin andro white ones. trying a less heavy bag. trans is a callous. is lilac too. a transversal pair of knees that lets me break the siloed. vow that my trans is not hating femme. not a vigorous shame. more god mouth. meaning i float in the morning. am not bad or good anymore. just this. untouchable. speak parent to myself. suck on fruit i never ate before. cause the calories. trans as the moment i stop keeping score. look right in your eyes when you’re in me. feel how our skin rattles. am the transition between nothing and freedom. that’s trans, too.

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