reechoed in my urine

soaked sheets


as I thought the lights blinking red and blue

flying outside my window shade


were UFO’s

for in the 1970’s


that was a thing

on TV and in movies


greys probed

in the third kind


and where the neighboring



dive bar pilots drank

from the nearby base


next to the Stop n Go

where I stole



cinnamon sticks and candied cigarettes


nuclear weapons aimed red east

rest on seal’d beaches

Brian Jacobs Author

Brian L. Jacobs resides with his husband in California, has been teaching English thirty years and is working on his PhD. Brian was the assistant to Poet Allen Ginsberg while earning his MFA. During that time he walked half way around the world while on a peace pilgrimage. Brian is also a three time Fulbright Scholar, a NEH grant recipient and renewed poet.

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