HOUSE IN MY HEART by Margo Dills

I have a house in my heart

where cloth napkins are folded in

the shape of autumn leaves and

dinner is served

every night

around a table

set by a lively teenager

who is still my best friend. A room

in this house

turns into a dream when

you open a door,

desires are the strength

catching the tails of

stars. This house in my heart

ties ascots in perfect tucks and pleats

around necks that reach

beyond protective obstacles that

allow daring and boldness.

I keep the lights on

in the house that I hold in my heart,

not just for travelers to return, but to let

strangers know a terrestrial pulse

is your refuge, you can

drop your anchor here.

Margo Jodyne Dills At 73, she manages an 80-unit apartment building in Shoreline, Wa.

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