MY BROTHER by Sarah Lass

My brother went to the desert—

Some called it war, others, a campaign,


Nation building.


He went, and I could not

Even imagine it:

Him, there.


Later, I’ll see a photograph

Of a man with a gun

Standing with other men with guns

In a desert.


And still,

I will not be able to imagine it:

Him, there.


But, my brother,

He has these blue-grey eyes,

Just like that man with that gun—

Him, there.


And I’ll wonder when it happened,

When he became so unknown to me

And how that can be


Because my brother,

He has these blue-grey eyes

That I can never not know.


Sarah Lass, 31, lives in Northampton, MA. She is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Her writing has been published by the Briar Cliff Review, The Good Life Review, and Beyond Words International Literary Magazine. She recently won The Good Life Review’s Honeybee Prize in Nonfiction.

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