One Small Thing I Know About Elijah McClain by Stephen Finlay

Elijah McClain liked to play his violin for kittens

at the animal shelter in Aurora, Colorado.

Meaning, he was the type of person who,

when he met a defenseless life,

tried to give it some beauty or kindness.

Meaning, he was definitely not the same type of person

as those he met while walking home from the store

one August night, harming or bothering no one.

Not the type of person who would choke a gentle,

thin young man, while two others helped,

or would continue to do so after he told them

he could not breathe, and after he told them

they were beautiful, and after he told them

he was so sorry, but what they were doing

really hurt.  I know very little about Elijah.

I certainly don’t want to speak for him.

But a few months ago I found a dog

abandoned at a gas station. She had no front teeth.

She was gently approaching people with a slow,

submissive wag of her tail. She had no collar,

no chip, no one responded to the photo I posted

on Facebook.  And I didn’t know Elijah McClain

but based on this small thing I do know,

I think he would have played the violin for her, too.

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