THE CREATORS by Raymond Hammond

You are on our side in war but you create our enemies. You are always on the winning side of the
game but always let the other team lose. You will protect us from a tornado that you whipped up
for fun. You will heal us when we are sick but you created the illness. You will save us from the
flames of a burning house but you set the fire. You will save us from hell, but you created the
devil. You will absolve us of the sins of your creation but you created the sins. You will give us
the answers because you created the questions. You will provide us with food when you created
the famine. You will send rain to flood the reservoirs but you created the drought. You will give
solace and comfort to dying souls when you created death and dying. You demand that we worship
and praise you for creating an us that created a you that demands worship and praise.
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