THE DESERT by Walter Weinschenk

I left home,
I drove and drove
Beyond the town

Through desert dry;
A man was walking

By the road
As I went speeding by;
I waved my hand

And he waved back;
The moment passed
And he was gone.

The wind blew cold;

The car slowed down,
Slower, slower, then it stopped;

I got out and began to walk;
The sun drowned
In the sand ahead
And the moon drew up
Like an albatross,
Pale against the sky;
Silver stars across the night
A thousand at a time.

I walked into the night
And a car came speeding by;

The driver waved and I waved back,
The moment passed and he was gone.

I’m tired and my feet are numb;
The sand has turned to ice;
I have walked a thousand miles
But I’ll walk forever, if I must:
You won’t wake up if you stop to rest

On a frozen road in the middle

Of a cruel and bitter desert night.

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