BLUE MOON by Constance McCoy



Blue Moon is a 3 piece set signifying a time of self reflection, healing and planning the future. This is a part of McCoy’s figurative abstract art collection. These pieces are collage and acrylics on canvas board.

Constance McCoy, doing art as Granny C (because she started making art to paint for her grandchildren). She sort of just fell into art very late in her life. There was no great compulsion to create masterpieces nor was there a force driving her to it. She just wanted something to fill her time after retirement that made her happy because she loved doing it. Art became that something very unexpectedly. Unexpectedly because she had no prior knowledge or skills or even a great love of art. She discovered a hidden passion for creating, and so began her journey. Along the way she prayed for guidance, inspiration, and maybe a little talent. She started gaining skills through online courses and videos and a great spiritual-based mentorship program.

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