Shh! Trying to silence the narrative

in my head. Time to revise an old script,

re-envision scenes, reconstruct the plot,

rewrite from a different POV

eliminate mental debris, delete

meaningless monologues, excess chatter,

modulate shouts of disruptive voices,

mute the unsettling shrillness of soundtrack,

free up space for silence to speak, prompting

fresh conversations, revelatory

rewinding of reel, creating new start

to old story, complete script revision,

subtraction, addition, reclaiming failed

narrative with revitalized plotline.

Joan Penn Author

Joan Penn is an active member of the Yorkville Writers Circle in NYC, currently meeting online. She also participates in an online poetry workshop with Bill Zavatsky. In the past she has studied extensively with Scott Hightower and Jeanne Marie Beaumont.

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