broadcast news’ vomitus coverage of broadcast news

They cast the first stone

chop it up and snort it

Give me a feeding tube

Fill it with disappointment

I will miss me most of all

Old bearded fender

Thinking is never enough

My motives are more important than your motives

The other candidates say I am fine

My blood is green, what does that mean?

The other doctors say I am fine

I am one of the many problems here

This empire

Worked to the wise

In my favor

With ill

Introducing the official truck

of calloused hands, of great knights

seared in might the official real

people, hep-c, the commonality

I see a hair I don’t want so I just remove it, ever so gently

I am great and portable and hyper-allergetic

Stress the system hard enough

This is the most I have moved in years

Answers don’t tell me what questions do

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