i remember trailing behind you on bike rides follow following the calendar of your neck the cadence the carabiner the culotte the keys hang from you like loose grapes and the sun shone through your two thighs and i let you lead maybe just to watch the medicine slide down you and transmogrify god and my heart used to blow open after you sang and pointed the rabbit shadow shape in the moon and we scissored in a golf course west of the city and you said my name like my mother did like the one who first pushed me now i use my air to hold in case i see you and your name was my favourite prayer that eventually became a bog that eventually became its own body i had to carry around and feed and i got a grief tattoo on my bicep last week and cried the whole time because you danced danced you danced in me with every poke you swept my clavicle with a glossary of what we aren't and i saw you wishing me well and its true you are body i carry loose grape blow west bog hang hole rabbit dance bicep medicine that i carry around now and it’s true your name was my favourite loss

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