It has come to my attention

that the recently retired gray mare

“ain’t what she used to be.”

But hark, chances are

I will still hear a distant neigh

in tempo with the bugler on Derby Day.

This I am duty bound to mention.


It has come to my attention

that dusk’s hosanna culminates

with a crescendo of “f this s.”

Chances are that when

I join in and

cough up cuss words

I can no longer

pinpoint what exactly

is unsettling me

except everything

all at once.

Hark, my attention span

is cracked by non sequiturs

and even if I’m silent

as a monk

I still hear a distant neigh.

So, I might as well hit a wall

to rail against the vile sameness of it all.

This too I am duty bound to mention.


It has come to my attention

that I was left off

the distribution list of

last month’s interoffice memoranda.

What a glorious oversight!

(Even so, I hear a distant neigh.)

If only I received

a check for each time

I’ve been muted

or overlooked.

Hark, I’d be as rich

as an oligarch

on an ostentatious yacht.

But chances are,

I’d lose it all too easily

by investing in cryptocurrency.

This too I am duty bound to mention–

Litany and happenstance vie for my attention.

Edward D. Miller was born in 1960 and lives in the East Village of New York. He works as a professor at the College of Staten Island and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

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