When you enter a hospital

You are in a new world

requiring adaptation to

navigate the environment

Curtains on rolling tracks

Provide a modest nod

To privacy. The field is

Filled with intersecting

Tubes and wires.

Inescapable noises –

Dings, beeps, bells,

Alarms. Some comfort,

Others annoy.

Your focus fixes on a

New system of metrics

Test results and the

Continual measure of

Bodily functions

Blood pressure

Oxygen levels

Heart rate

Doses of medicine

Output of urine

Mobility of patient

Jennifer Dotson is author of Late Night Talk Show Fantasy & Other Poems (Kelsay Books, 2020) and Clever Gretel (Chicago Poetry Press, 2013). Jennifer is a recent finalist in the 2021 Mary Blinn Poetry Contest.  She is the creative engine behind www.HighlandParkPoetry.org, which she founded in 2007.

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