peace is

transversal masturbating, wound as lube lathered topical saturdays taken off to fuck the parts of me i hate. enter with an orange dildo, 32$, wishing they didn’t have my body or suck a belmont or sit in the nothing pool while eating a bag of tostitos under eight minutes cause trauma is speedy like that. another way to say peace is to say i am holding my vibrator to the retina of my leaving. click clap clap setting 3, 4, 6, fuck this lost thing i’ve been lugging around. we do missionary at first then she takes over then she gets small and tender and wants only two fingers and not as fast and i make sure to hold her eyes the whole time because i’m not going anywhere and parenting us is harder than i thought and after 12 minutes they see i am making an opening for them and i’m trying to accept these locked skins and when we are about to cum my mouth opens like a freezer or a door limping after summer and she yanks my air and says if you really love me prove it and i see her reaching for my neck where it shreds and i can’t prove it all at once but i will stay long enough until you know it. we lie. i take her myths, and just stay.

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