not always a serene serendipitous flow

at times startling surprising saturated

with submerged highs and lows

sensation of sailing and sinking

shipwrecked stranded



as mind’s eye is flooded with images

of existence’s many what-ifs as if arising

on a tidal river current reversing flowing backward

unsettling sediment of buried history refuting revision

it is what it was time and tide have not altered it


the joys the sorrows the passions the regrets

the successes the failures life’s trash and life’s treasure

unconsciously salvaged manifesting as sensory

seeing hearing tasting touching feeling

a recognition of self comprised of


former selves swimming swimming

swimming in a stream of consciousness

somehow surviving startling and surprising

Joan Penn Author

Joan Penn is an active member of the Yorkville Writers Circle in NYC, currently meeting online. She also participates in an online poetry workshop with Bill Zavatsky. In the past she has studied extensively with Scott Hightower and Jeanne Marie Beaumont.

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