COVID VOICE by John Sime

I know what they told you

About me.

But you know the truth.

Although you are confused

About the pandemic.

We’ve talked about that.

And you said you don’t believe,

In it,

Well, the ventilator was real.

You realize that.

Ten days real.


“I still don’t believe it is real.

I must have had a stroke.

The doctors just want to make

More money.”


Okay, what happened when

You told the doctors about me.


“They said nothing and just

Wrote it down in their little books.

Finally, they said you were a dream.”


Do you think I am a dream?


“No, you are real because

You come day and night.”


You used to think I was another patient.


“And maybe you are,

A ghost maybe.”


You think I died here?

A lot of people have.

Do you hear the helicopters day and night?


“Yes I do.

They are real.”


Are those more people with strokes?

Why would they bring stroke patients here?

From all over Wisconsin?

A special stroke hospital?

Does that make sense?


“No, I guess it doesn’t

Unless they are lying to everyone.

Which they probably are.”


I am real, but the pandemic is not?


“You are sent by the Lord.”


That might be.


“Don’t you know?

Are you trying to test me like the doctors

When they ask me what day it is.

I finally told them why ask me?

Get yourself a calendar!”


What did they say to that?


“Nothing. They wrote it down

In their little books.

They did not think it was a funny joke.”


Are you going to have the vaccine?


“That is another hoax.

It is poison.

More control over the sheepul.”


Suppose they make the shot mandatory?


“I’ll escape from here.”


After ten days on the ventilator

You can’t walk.


“Then I will crawl.”


The doors are alarmed and you can’t reach

Them by crawling.


“This place is like a prison.

I will threaten somebody.”


With what?

Your bad breath?


“That isn’t very nice.”


But it is true.

Do they brush your teeth?

Are you strong enough to do it yourself?


“No, I’m not”


So, they have you.


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