Issue: Griffel #3

LIGHT by B. S. Roberts

I watch the stars                as they swell below, a motion                ineffable as time casting my corporal form                in foam – with a burst                my immaterial shell fountains                                  stealing [freeing]                 my transfluent thoughts                                    whisking them away I see you in celestial light your curvatures mimic           the crescent moon tantalizing glimpses            of all that you are body and soul            [beautiful]

OUR CAT by James B. Nicola

Molasses pours down like an asp from his divan his eyes as wise as the ancient kingdom then trickles northward like the Nile, past zebras, lions, giraffes and bears (Ben’s stuffed dolls, whom he rules as well) and through a misted torrid-zone jungle (Edie’s clippings, ferns and potted palms) to the sliding glass wall of his palace; spies cousins wild and other aliens hopping through, flying round, over the rushes (exotic grass, the latest in landscaping).… Read More “OUR CAT by James B. Nicola”